Important checklist for buying a home from Builder Group.

Check list for buying a home

Every person has a dream to settle your own house in the city. People try to realize this dream by adding hard work and money in their lives. You may need a checklist to guide you to buy your dream house. For your reference, some checklists are available for smooth and easy buying of property. So here Important checklist for buying a home from Builder Group.

Group Housing Society: – Before buying a home in the Group Housing Society, you must check list below details of every Builder.

1. Title Deed

Before Buying a home, It is most essential to check the title deed of land on which an asset, project or house is located. Through this deal, consumers or investors will be able to know clearly whether the builder is proprietary to the property he is selling or not. Does he have the right to sell or transfer his property or not? Through this Deed, it will also be known whether any case is being prosecuted on the related property.

2. No Objection Certificate (N.O.C)

This is a kind of permission or sanction and ‘no objection certificate’ which the builder has to get from various bodies during various stages of construction. For example, PWD, Forrest Department, Environment Department, Traffic and Coordination Department, etc. Apart from this, you should also emphasize the look of the start certificate. This certificate allows the builder to start the actual construction work legally.

3. Legal Certificate:

Would you not like to invest in a property that is under litigation or is there any legal or monetary liability? The broker and builder would like to hide this fact from real consumers or investors. But you should be very careful and emphasize the look of the obstacle certificate, to confirm that the concerned property is free from any legal dispute. It is not fair to invest in a property that is being prosecuted or related to any other problem, which may lead to many other problems in the future.

4. Layout Plan

The news of real estate related scandals have become commonplace all over the market, therefore consumers should take all precautions while purchasing a new house and check all the documents before buying it. You must be sure that important documents such as layout plans have been approved by the concerned authorities. Therefore, insist on examining the Acquisition Certificate, as it makes it clear that the developer has created the project on the basis of approved permissions.

5. Certificate of Conversion

Normally Agricultural land is converted to Residential Properties for Group Housing Project. If the property you are purchasing has been changed from agricultural land to commercial, your builder will hand over the land conversion letter to you. Make sure it is trustworthy.

6. Compliance under the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016 (RERA)

After the implementation of the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016 (RERA) of the country, most of the projects under construction have been given the RERA registration number. This means that the developer has followed all rules according to RERA. At the same time, on the developer’s website, you will get information on the Sanctified Building Plan, the floor building information, the tower, etc. See also the number of units, towers, and floors on the website which has been approved by the concerned officer when you buying a home


Generally, every builder mentions a super Built-up area in their brochures. The super area includes common items are included inside the project such as generator room, park, gym, stairs, lift, lobby, tennis court, etc. Generally, all builders sell the flat on a super area basis. The carpet area is the area where you can wear carpets. Flat walls are not included in this area. This is an empty space inside the flat. This is the real area used for flat. The carpet area does not include wall thickness, balcony, and terrace. If the stairs are inside the house then those areas will also be included. For information, let us know that the carpet area is 70 percent of the Super area. To calculate this, reduce the internal thickness of the wall from the total area of ​​the apartment.

So Kindly Check Carpet area of your Apartments/ Flats

8. Hidden Charges

When making a booking, the booking agent does not mention the many types of charges. Hidden Charges includes parking, Society, Power back-up. Get to know the developer by questioning it at the time of booking to buying a home.

9. Project approved from the bank or Not

Experts believe that it is best to invest in such projects in terms of security, which has got approval from the bank. This approval means that the bank has completed Pre-Investigation the project is suitable to be developed. Even if a project looks strong in all respects, it may take up to two to eight months for the bank to get its approval. The bank examines many types and checks out many types of papers, all of which take a lot of time. If a project has not received the bank approval yet, it would not be right to assume that the project is bad and should not invest in it.

When you buying a home, Green home is best choice .

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