India-Pakistan Cricket Match

India Pakistan Match

12 days have passed since the start of the ICC World Cup 2019 match. People are waiting for the biggest match between India and Pakistan Cricket Match (India vs Pakistan) on June 16. There is considerable excitement in the viewers of the two teams regarding this match to be held on Sunday. However, the advertising war between the two countries has already begun with the India-Pakistan cricket match to be held on June 16. Indian tennis player Sania Mirza has expressed her objection in view of this advertising war between India and Pakistan. Sania Mirza has expressed her anger by tweeting India and Pakistan making fun of each other. Sania Mirza’s tweet on advertisements is becoming very viral on social media.

Tweet war by Sania Mirza

Saniya Mirza Tweet on Twitter “Cringeworthy ads on both sides of the border seriously guys, you don’t need to ‘hype up’ or market the match anymore especially with rubbish! it has enough attention already!It’s only cricket for God sake, and if you think it’s any more than that then get a grip or get a life !!

Sania Mirza has expressed her opinion through Twitter on the offensive advertisement made on India and Pakistan cricket match. Sania Mirza tweeted opposing the advertisement of both countries. She wrote, ‘Such serious advertisements on both sides of the border; You do not need to market the matches, especially with this nonsense. People have a lot of attention already in this match. It is only cricket and if you think that is more than all these, then get it. ‘ Sania Mirza, while objecting to serious advertisements through her tweets, advised people that this is only a cricket match. So do not market it with the wrong ads.

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