The rain in Manchester, what will be the India-West Indies Cricket Match

India-West Indies Cricket Match

The Indian team has to play their next World Cup 2019 against the West Indies on Thursday. This is India’s sixth match in the tournament. The Indian team has won four matches in this World Cup, while its match against New Zealand was washed away by rain. There are fewer chances of the India-West Indies Cricket Match being due to rain in Manchester.

The West Indies team has played six matches in the current World Cup. The team has won just one match, while the four have had to face defeat. A match remained unchanged. The team has three points in world cup point table. West Indies have been out of the semi-final race, so in this case, they have nothing to lose. But that’s why this team can be more dangerous.

India-West Indies Cricket Match will be played on Manchester’s same Old Trafford field, where the Indian team had defeated Pakistan (India-Pakistan Cricket Match). In the Manchester season, all cricket fans have been caught watching. Everyone wants to know whether the rain will be made in India-West Indies Cricket Match or without any obstacle this match will be played throughout 50 overs.

Heavy rain in Menchester

Wherever the Indian team is going to play matches, it looks like the cloud is coming along with them. This is happening again in Manchester. It is raining here since Sunday evening, but the situation became worse on Tuesday. On Tuesday, it was raining with strong winds in most of the day while black and dark clouds in the sky were also floating. After the practice session was washed, the Indian team had to work only through indoor practice.

Rain in the India-west Indies Cricket Match will not become obstacle

After heavy rains till Tuesday, the Meteorological Department has estimated that rain can get relief from the next two days. The Meteorological Department has said so far that there will be no rain for the next two days, but there is a possibility of sunshine on the day of India-West Indies Cricket Match. Meteorological Department spokesman Graham Magage gave this information.

The story of becoming the India world champion of 1983 started from here

This ground for Team India is very special. Where in the current World Cup he defeated Pakistan on this ground, in 1983, the beginning of the journey of becoming the world champion of the Indian team led by Kapil Dev was against the West Indies on this ground. In India-West Indies Cricket Match, India defeated the West Indies by 34 runs.

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