Top 10 search engine in world

Top 10 Search Engine

A web search engine is a program that displays information on the screen which is available on the internet. It is a software that searches for any keyword on the World Wide Web and gives the results of those keywords in the web pages. This post describes top 10 search engine in world.

List of top 10 search engine :

1. Google

best search engine in web

There is no need to tell you a bit more about Google because You already know a lot about it. According to one report, 70-85 % of users come only by Google search.

The most important thing is that it shows the Accurate Result of Google.

Alexa reports, Google’s web traffic monitoring company and its users have been able to use all the time, and that’s why they use the website. The company has provided the best and exact service for its services.

2. Bing

Top search engine bing in world

Bing is one of the top web search engines and is operated by Microsoft. It comes to 2nd Rank at Alexa global ranking. Bing is used by 20% user in world.

3. Yahoo

Yahoo arrives in third place after Google and Bing.  7% of users in the world use Yahoo. Now, It is operated by Bing.

4. Baidu in china

This is the most popular in China and introduced in 2009. According to Alexa ranking, it has the 4th rank in top 10 search engine.


Ask search engine’s first name was Ask Jeeves. is a Question answer Search engine, therefore, some users question it, and others answer them. It has search functions, the result does not come as well as Google, Yahoo.

6. Yandex

yandex search engine most used in russiya

Russian’s people mostly used yandex search engine for surfing. It provides all services like free email service, images,  browser, translates, Yandex disk, videos, Yandex maps. In the Alexa global ranking, it has 44 ranks.

7. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo best engine

DuckDuckGo is a fairly good search engine. You can search within this search engine just like Google. DuckDuckGo is best for privacy issue because it does not track history of users.


AOL was the most popular engine in the olden times. There are some famous sites like, and

9. WolframAlpha

Wolframalpha web

WolframAlpha was introduced in 2009. It is also known as a computational knowledge engine. WolframAlpha shows all the data and facts of your question in mathematical form.

10. Lycos


This is a very old search engine, which was very good in the web industry. It is still well-known, which people started using in 1995. It provides services such as Email, Social Networking, Entertainment Websites, etc.

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