NOTA: A Change in Indian Politics


About NOTA button:

NOTA, a provision on the EVM machine to vote for “None Of The Above” .  It’s an option for people which provide a purely democratic form of refusing All the candidates That participate in a constituency.

NOTA is good step because  at least voters are given the right to express their opinion about the candidates.  It will lead to a systemic change in Indian polls. Political parties will be compelled to bring neat and clean  candidate.

 Negative voting concept already continue in 13 Countries. but  NOTA concept launched  in 2013 for EVM Machine(Electronic Voting Machines)  first time in India .

Today’s, NOTA has been quite popular in election. In Five state Assembly election 2018, NOTA voting achieved  high rank from many politics parties which participated in elections. In Telangana,   NOTA voting had 8th rank out of 17 parties . Same as 6th rank out of  15 Parties in Rajasthan , 6th rank out of 14 Parties in Chhattisgarh , 6th rank out of 13 Parties in Madhya Pradesh, 6th rank out of 8 Parties in Mizoram.

It is possible to increase the NOTA voting in Lok Sabha 2019 elections. Every single voter has become aware that what is his rights.


NOTA will play a marvelous role for successful politics in India . There is a lot of corruption and criminal leaders in the parties of India Politics. If India has to become a good, healthy and strong country in the world then change is very important.

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