In the Digital Marketing era, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role. SEO process uses two technique, First is  On-page SEO and Off Page SEO.  Already discussed On Page SEO in our recent blog. Overall On Page SEO techniques used to make a structure of your website for search engine friendly. In this blog , we describe what is Off-page SEO?

What is Off page SEO:

Off Page SEO techniques do all things outside your website to making popularity on the internet which increases visibility on search engines results page (SERP).  This Technique helps to improve website ranking on the search engine result page.

Off page SEO creates a link juice with high Domain authority (DA) and high page Authority (PA) websites. This technique helps to create backlinking to enhance page authority and domain authority of your website.

Best Off Page SEO techniques 2019:

  • Local Business Listing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Question/Answer submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Submission
  • Directory submission
  • Article Submission
  • Classified Ads Submission
  • Infographics submission
  • Video Submission
  • PPT Submission
  • Forum Submission

Local  Business Listing in Off Page SEO:

Local Business listing is a powerful tool for Off Page SEO. It is an online profile that has Business name, Address,  Mobile Numbers and description of your business on search engines. The main objective of Local business Listing is to make your business more accurate ad searchable online.

Local listings are a very useful way to get information from your customers in your local area. The search needs of most people require a local presence so that your business can be listed on these types of lists to help you find a business. So if you do not start making the list of these websites, I recommend you to do it immediately which will help you in the long run.

Benefits of Local Business Listing:

  • Free advertising 27*7 on search engines
  • Enhance brands awareness
  • Increase your local visibility with full detail of business
  • Listing have a review system, good review gives more customer

There are several websites for a local business listing that are:

  • Google my Business
  • Bing
  • Aabaco (Yahoo)
  • Yelp
  • Yellow book

Social Media Optimization:

At present, approximate 3.2 billion users use social media worldwide, it is equal to 40 % of the total population of world.  off Page SEO technique is targeted to bring relevant traffic on the website, to increase brand awareness,  leads generation and conversion sales. Social Media also do same work for your business. So Social media is an indirectly part of Off Page SEO.

For Off Page SEO, share your blog and page directly to the relevant audience on Social media to increase engagement of the customer.

Top 6 Social Media platforms:

  • Facebook(www.facebook.com) (Approximate 1.6 Billion active users per day)
  • Youtube (www.youtube.com) (Approximate 150 Million active user per day)
  • WhatsApp (www.whatsapp.com) (Approximate 1.4 Billion active users per day)
  • Instagram(www.instagram.com) (Approximate 600 Million active users per day)
  • Twitter (www.twitter.com) (Approximate 135 Million active users per day)
  • LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) (Approximate 5.6 Million active users per day)

Question/Answers Submission:

Question/answers submission is the best way to get high traffic on your website. Join high DA(Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) and PR (Page Rank) websites, write questions on these sites and clear answers to other questions according to your business, websites and blog. Provide your website link on these websites with answers to create backlinking which helps to more visibility on the internet.

Top 5 question/answer submission sites:

  • www.quora.com
  • www.blurtit.com
  • www.answers.yahoo.com
  • www.letsdiskuss.com
  • www.answers.com

Social Bookmarking in Off Page SEO:

In Social Bookmarking Websites, you can post your websites and blogs on high DA and PA bookmarking websites then you can achieve more valuable traffic on your blog and websites.

Social bookmarking sites are best for off-page SEO because these sites updated frequently and these types of sites like by Search engine robots.

Top 5 Social Bookmarking Sites: 

  • www.reddit.com
  • www.tumblr.com
  • www.myspace.com
  • www.boingboing.net
  • www.bizsugar.com

Blog Submission in Off Page SEO :

Create a unique blog and submit on best blogging sites for effective backlinks according to your business and website. Blogging use for quality backlinks with fresh content.

Top 5 Blog Submission websites:

  • www.wix.com
  • www.blogger.com
  • www.weebly.com
  • www.ghost.org
  • www.jimdo.com

Directory Submission:

Directory Submission is the best technique to enhance the domain authority and page authority for your website. In this process, select best directory under a particular category to enter your website details, links and description according to your business, websites types or blog. If you doing it on a regular basis, then your domain authority increases automatically and helps to get a more relevant audience on your website. It improves your link building easily.

For Example, you have a website about digital marketing, then you select the digital marketing directory and enter website description and links (URL) in this category.  

Top 5 Directory Submission Website:

  • www.alltop.com
  • www.bloghub.com
  • www.Ontoplist.com
  • www.addr.com
  • www.bizsugar.com

Article Submission:

Article submission is an important technique of off Page SEO.  It is a process to submit an article on article submission websites related to your website and blog which increase your website presence on the search engines. Article submission technique helps to rank high on search engines, increase website domain authority and page authority and increase popularity as a brand.

Top 5 Article Submission Sites:

  • www.github.com
  • www.tumblr.com
  • www.hubpages.com
  • www.axs.com
  • www.ehow.com

Classified ads Submission:

Classified submission is an off Page SEO Technique to get a high rank on search engines. In this, easily promote your business through classified ads to the internet. In this process, you easily create a classified ad according to a category on classifieds websites, which increases the visibility of your websites on the search engines.

Top 5 classified ads submission Sites:

  • www.olx.com
  • www.quikr.com
  • www.classifiedads.com
  • www.clickindia.com
  • www.locanto.in

Infographics submission:

Infographics is a pictorial or graphical image that is used to explain complex information or data. Infographic images easily read and understand by audience. Infographics submission use to create backlink in image form and get traffic to directly on your website. If you make an attractive infographic, then it helps to attract the audience easily and enhance traffic on a website.

Top 5 Infographics submission website:

  • www.flickr.com
  • www.imgur.com
  • www.tinypic.com
  • www.pixbay.com
  • www.skyrock.com

Video Submission:

When you submit your video on video submission sites, it helps to brand awareness and to create valuable backlinks of your websites. Today, Video content highly demands in the market to engage the audience. Most of the people, don’t like to read a long post, video describes about your business or website in seconds. Video submission lift your website rank and increase visitors on your websites.

Top 5 Video Submission Sites:

  • www.youtube.com
  • www.dailymotion.com
  • www.vimeo.com
  • www.metacafe.com
  • www.break.com

PPT Submission:

PowerPoint submission is a process in which you create a PPT presentation for your information and you can easily explain to your audience in slide form. In PPT Submission, you share your PPT on PPT  Submission sites to create backlinks which boost your rank and domain authority on search engines.

Top 5 PPT Submission Sites:

  • www.slideshare.com
  • www.scribd.com
  • www.slideboom.com
  • www.slideserve.com
  • www.4shared.com

Forum Submission:

The simplest meaning of form submission is a platform. That is to say, to make a connection on another platform, to answer questions, give suggestions, give advice, do community. By which people are attracted to know. Similarly, the website is also a forum submission. It helps to create backlinks on Forum Submission Sites and attract audience to visit your site.

Top 5 Forum Submission Sites:

  • https://www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/
  • https://bbpress.org/forums
  • http://www.chronicle.com/forums
  • http://www.careerbuilder.com
  • http://forum.notebookreview.com/

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