SEO is most important for any Website. SEO uses On Page SEO and Off Page SEO techniques.

On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that optimizes all pages of your own website for higher ranking on search engine results. On Page SEO helps to index of your site with the help of sitemaps and permalink structure.

Goal Of On page SEO

The main goal of On Page SEO is to bring organic traffic to your website on Search Engines results and optimize the content quality of website according to easy readable format for google robots.

Why use On Page SEO?

To create any website, we use different things inside that website such as Text, Images, Headings, Zip Files, PDF Files, Videos, etc. so that all kinds of things are available on our website and people Visit at our website to use these things.

But we also have to optimize all these things according to the search engine so that our website can easily read by the search engine and show it on higher ranking on the search result because If our website will not show on Search Engine then there is no traffic on our website. So On Page SEO Technique helps to increase the readability of content for users and Google robots.

On Page SEO Techniques :

To optimize the website, we use different types of On Page SEO Techniques.

Meta Title in On Page SEO

It is the most important factor in On Page SEO, because attractive and optimizes title enthuses people to click on it.  If People clicked on your title then automatically your rank high.

How will Page title Optimize

  • Add main keywords to the starting of the page title
  • Use power words like amazing, ultimate so on, to attract people which increase your CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Write short and attractive title up to 60 characters
  • No need to add your website domain on the title section

Meta Description in On Page SEO:

Meta Description Article is used to explain in minimal words. Whenever we search for a topic on the Internet, we get to know three things about any article inside the result and we read it and guess what information can be found within that article. And how useful that result will be for us.

Therefore, it is very important to write a Meta description for your article. Whenever you write an article on top of a topic, then you must write a short description of that article so that when your article shows in the search result, people can read your description and understand what things you have Has been explaining inside its article.

To write the Meta Description, you should also have complete information about the Meta Description Limit and within that Limit, you should write the Meta Description for the article so that your full description will show in the search result and people read it. To understand easily.

You can use up to 160 Words. Therefore, there is a challenge in front of you that you have to write a description for your article within 160 words.

How will Meta Description Optimize:

  • Avoid auto-generated description by Search engines
  • Add target Keywords into meta description

URL Structure Optimizein in On Page SEO

Just as when we create our website, there is a URL of our website, so that anyone on the Internet can open our website, in the same way when we publish an article inside our website, then that article is also a There is a URL by which anyone can open that article.

The URL of the article is also called Permalink. Permalink is the address through which anyone can access our article. Permalink should be written according to your article so that you place your keywords in the permalink of your article, which leads to the Density Improvement of your keyword.

When writing a permalink of an article, you should also keep in mind that your permalink should be as small as possible, because the smaller your permalink, the more space it gets inside the search engine.

Format of Permalink:

In Permalink, don’t use a special character, commas, brackets, and symbols, only use dashes within permalink.

For Example- www.sukhjindersidhu.com/what-is-seo

Quality Of Content in On Page SEO

This is the first and important step. Always write unique, interesting and something new on your content and blog. If you do not write Quality Content, the reader will not stay on your blog for long and they will leave your blog soon. In addition, Google does not rank at low-quality content.

Heading tags and content formatting:

Heading has a lot of importance for any article because with the help of Headings you can increase the value of your article, as well as you can increase the volume of your keyword by placing your keywords in the headings of your article.

H1 tag use in Title only. Use proper heading hierarchy like the first h2 then h3 and so on.

Content Formatting:

  • Use proper paragraph format
  • Use Bold, italic and underlines to highlights main content
  • Proper font

Keyword Density in On Page SEO

The density of Keyword within any article is very important because when you fix your Main Keyword in different places, then the Search Engine is easy to understand your Keyword and it can quickly find your article on the results of the Search Engine.

You can use only 1-3 % keyword density in your content. In the First and last paragraph, use the main keyword once and rest of all use in content with sense.

Alt Text for Images and Video:

Images and videos are more useful for rich content on the website. Images and videos create more engagement in the content for people. But Google can’t read directly read images and videos. So on-page SEO uses for optimizing images and videos. Image optimization helps to increase organic traffic on the website. Main keywords use in the Alt text and title of every image and videos.

Link Juice in On Page SEO

Link juice is a very important factor to higher ranking which passes a link from one page to another link.

Two types of linking use into SEO.

Internal linking: 

With the help of internal links, you can link your all articles and pages with each other. By which a network is created inside your website and anyone visiting your blog can collect information about your other articles through the internal links available inside your article and also visit your other articles. Internal link creates own web network for high ranks.

External Link:

When you add an external link to your content, it makes your content more informative for visitors. It also helps Google to find the topic of your page.

When you link to an external site, you have to keep many things in mind – the content of that site should be relevant and useful, the site should not be spam, its Domain Authority and Page Authority should also be good.

External linking only used with trusted websites. If you have any doubt about the trust of websites then use “No Follow” link in an Anchor tag.

Website page Loading speed

For the ranking of any website, loading speed also matters. For increase loading speed of your website, you remove the useless or such widgets which are not of much use or you will not benefit more than that.

  • Some factors to increase speed
  • Remove un-necessary widget
  • Don’t upload heavy images into pages and articles
  • Remove plugins which not useful

Make Site Mobile Friendly

This is very important so first check that your site is mobile friendly. If your site is not Mobile Friendly, Google will lower your ranking and your site will not perform well for mobile search, meaning you will not be able to rank well.

60% to 70% of searches are now done on mobile devices. Therefore make sure that your website looks good on mobile devices and performs better.

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