What is PPC

Pay Per click ( PPC )

If you are new in digital marketing, most important question is what is PPC?

PPC is an advertising model where advertisers give some money when someone clicks on their ads. It stands for “pay per click”. PPC model work on need base people because the needy person always uses search engine according to their requirements. On the other hand, social media works on customer awareness and branding purpose.

PPC use for directly engage the customer on website for different purpose like traffic on website, leads generation, sales, brand awareness, app installation.

How work PPC ?

It is work on following factors

  • Right Keywords
  • Add Create
  • Landing Page
  • Quality Score

Right Keyword:  make sure that selected keyword is based on your target audience or not.

Ads Create:  Create your ads in creative manners and related to need of your customer.

Landing Page: Landing page means that the page the user arrives after clicking on your ads, is called a landing page.

Quality Score: It describes the quality of your ads, landing page and keywords. If your ads have high-quality score then it can lead to lower CPC (Cost per click) prices and give a high ranking position on the search engine.  Quality score is reported between 1-10 scale.

What is PPC Network

Where PPC adds run, called network.

Two network used for Pay per click .

  1. Search Network: when a specific person, search their query on search engines, called search engine network. It is based on Keywords.  When a user’s entered their query in a search engine, if their query match with your keywords, then your ads appear in the search results page.  In the Search network, you can use only text ads.
  2. Display Network: It is used for awareness and branding purpose. You can only show your ads on Google partner sites which have joined Google AdSense Program. Display network several types adds like Text Ads, Banner Ads , Gmai, App

Who used PPC Model:

There are many platform which used Pay per click Model for advertisement.

Pricing of Pay per Click

Mostly 2 Factors affecting the cost of PPC advertising.

1. Visitor location

If you advertise through pay per click, then its value depends on the fact that you want to get a visitor by asking. If you want visitors from small country like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, then you have to spend less money per click.

But if you want to visit Western countries like USA, UK, through the pay per click, you can read more money.

2. Keyword

The second factor for regulating the value of pay per click is keyword. You want to show your ads when searching on which keyword. It depends on the value of your PPC advertisement.

It means that if you advertise your ads with high CPC keyword you will have to spend more money.

What is benifits of PPC:

Fast Results: If you have created any new website today, even if it does not have SEO, you can still rank your website in Google’s first page using Google PPC means PPC provides fast results for ranking.

Target right audience and Location: You can target your Desired Audience through PPC, and you can sell them to your Products and Services easily. You can also target a Particular Location with pay per click ads. For effective use of PPC, set right keywords, Location, Website, Device, Time and Date for Target audience.

Cheaper than traditional marketing: PPC is 90% cheaper than Traditional Marketing because today is the time of Internet and there are many such websites on the internet where there is a lot of traffic and you can show your ads on those websites and sell your products or services.

Independent From Google Algorithm Changes: There are some changes from time to time in Google Algorithm, so that the ranking of websites increases or decreases, but there is no effect on PPC.

Budget Friendly: You do not have to spend millions of dollars on putting PPC on your ads, but you can start your own business by putting PPC on a low budget.

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