What Is SEO

what is SEO

The world of digital marketing and the internet depends on the word “SEO”. Many companies pay huge amounts of money on SEO to sell their products and services online. Now we explain in easy terms -what is SEO.

What is SEO:

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps to bring your website on the first rank on the top page of search engines.  In general language, this technique can bring maximum traffic to any website in the form of “Organic”, “Free” or “Natural” search results on search engines.

It helps us to bring organic traffic to our website and also maintains the quality of the page. 

Meaning if you search a keyword on Google, its result is found on the first page, then you can say that the Search Engine Optimization of this website is good.

Most of the 75-85 percent people use Google search engines but there are more search engines in the world like Bing, Yahoo etc.


We need to search “3BHK flats in Mohali” then google show all relevant information regarding that keyword on their search results. Google shows all websites which contain information about “3BHK flats in Mohali”. Its human nature, firstly we open the 1st rank website if we can not find valuable information then we click on 2nd rank and 3rd rank websites so on.

Types of SEO:

There are three types :

  1. White hat Search Engine Optimization: it follows 100 % search engine guidelines.
  2. Black Hat Search Engine Optimization: It breaks search engines guidelines
  3. Grey Hat Search Engine Optimization: It follows 85-95 % white hat and 5%-10% Black hat for  Attractive Links

Advance SEO strategies and Techniques to bring more traffic on your site:

  1. Improve the speed of your website
  2. Write high-quality rich content
  3. Break content in proper header tag and paragraph format
  4. Update old contents on a regular basis
  5. Use infographics, video in your content
  6. Write at least 1500 words in the content
  7. Understand business and do proper research on Keywords
  8. Insert multiple keywords in SEO Page Title
  9. Make quality backlinks (Inbound and outbound) with high page authority and high domain authority sites
  10. Make Search Engine Optimization Friendly landing pages
  11. Post valuable information on Social media (like Facebook, Instagram’s, indeed so on) on a regular basis
  12. Make your website mobile-friendly
  13. Write blogging on blog sites and own sites
  14. Use Google search console (Webmaster) to increase traffic and indexing
  15. Use google analytics tools to check your audience and real-time result
  16. Learn about your users to satisfied their requirement
  17. active on latest trends of users
  18. YouTube marketing
  19. Email Marketing

SEO Techniques:

Two major techniques used for effective Search Engine Optimization of any websites and landing pages. That are:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

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